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Hello, hello! I am Crimson Kunoichi; a gamer and anime enthusiast!

I�ve been writing fanfiction for quite a while, on and off, over the years but I�m trying to become a more active writer again. My muse is very fickle�

Current fandoms I�m liking/active in:
Persona 3 Portable
Persona 4/Persona 4 Golden
Fire Emblem: Awakening
Naruto Shippuden
Shin Megami Tensei: Soul Hackers
Final Fantasy VII
Ghost in the Shell
Final Fantasy X
Dragon Age: Inquisition

Current works of fiction:

PRANK WARS- Chapter 12 Completed

Bloodstream:Reader/Adachi, Persona 4 Multiple Chapters[Chapter 4- 15%] A series of bad choices made on a female cops part leads to her spending a lot more time with Adachi than she's used to.

Shattered:Reader/Stahl, Fire Emblem Awakening Multiple Chapters [Chapter 4- 5%] A fic about a noblewoman forced to pretend to be a man to keep her family from falling apart. She gets injured in a battle and suddenly her secret could be exposed. Oh and she's in love with her best friend. I really want to continue with this one as I'm playing a lot of Fire Emblem Awakening right now. On hard/classic mode.

Appetite: Reader/Stahl LEMON One Shot[10% completed] An off-handed inappropriate comment from Sully causes a fellow Shepherd to become consumed by fantasies of a certain Cavalier.

Rejection: Reader/Adachi One Shot [10% completed] A resident of Inaba sees past Adachi's mask and reaches out to him only to get shot down repeatedly.

Runaway: Unrequited Reader/Naruto, Reader/Shikamaru One Shot [Plot Bunny Incubating] Not wanting to spoil much of this one but it will have ALL of the feels when I get it out.

Marin Karin: Reader(F)/Akihiko, Persona 3 [Plot bunny incubating] Just wanted to to my take on the love hotel part of Persona 3. I wanted the main character to be a bit more shocked at the fact a shadow exploited this particular weakness and how she deals with it and the consequences later.

Shogi, Sake and Unexpected Results: Shikamaru/Reader, Naruto One Shot[40% completed] Just because sake + shogi + drunk Shikamaru = hilarious. I really want to finish this one soon.

Awkward: Reader/Shikamaru, Naruto Multiple Chapters [Chapter 1- 20% completed] I can�t go into much more detail than the reader sustains an injury in combat and is stuck with Shikamaru nursing her to health/keeping her company. I�m not too sure if I�ll manage to get this one out as it has been sitting on my hard drive for a long time but I shall remain hopeful.

In the Dark: Reader/Shikamaru, Naruto Multiple Chapters [Chapter 1 Completed, Chapter 2- 0%] Reader gets assigned to a squad where Shikamaru is Captain and gets kidnapped and subjected to a lot of Genjutsu torture. The fic is about how Shikamaru tries to help her find herself again.

Borrowed Time: Reader/Luzzu, Final Fantasy X Multiple Chapters [Chapter 1- 80%] A crusader centric fic where an orphaned reader and her brother find their home on Besaid island and their personal battles against Sin. YEAH. A LUZZU FIC. I loved the Crusaders in FFX, Luzzu especially so I wanted to write them a fic. It�s pretty bittersweet but I figured with the HD remake out I should pick this up again.

Stolen Dreams: Reader/Cid Raines, Final Fantasy XIII Multiple Chapters [Prologue completed, Chapter 1-5%] A extremely talented yet abrasive ship pilot gets swept up by the Cavalry and tossed into chaos at the hands of one devious Brigadier General. I�m writing this because Cid is just a magnificent bastard. I don�t need any more reason to write this.

(Untitled): Reader(Robin)/Stahl, Fire Emblem Awakening One Shot [10% completed] A fic where the Shepherds perform an intervention on two members whom are totally in love with each other but are oblivious to each others� feelings. Expect lots of Vaike hilarity and Stahl cuteness.

Everybody�s Fool: Adachi/Reader, Persona 4 Multiple Chapters [Plot bunny incubating] A female cop with a tragic past has hidden away in Inaba; a quiet town and closed herself off from people entirely. What happens when someone finally manages to sneak past her barriers? �So who wants to talk about MURDERS~? :D But seriously, I really want to write something for Adachi but I know that means it�ll get a bit dark.

(Untitled): Narukami/Reader/Adachi, Persona 4 Multiple Chapters [Plot bunny incubating] I just wanna write something where Adachi tries to steal Yu/Souji�s girlfriend just to be mean. Don�t ask me why xD

CULLEN. I need to write for Cullen. I have wanted to romance his character in Dragon Age since he ran away from my fem!mage in Origins.

So, yeah� keep your eyes peeled for more fics on the horizon! LATERZ!

Gender: Female
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