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So first things first, I'm writing again! Yaaaay!

Secondly, I have officially found my own place to stay. Which means -drum roll- I'll be moving out and have my own quiet space to work. Which I hope means I might be able to get more work done. Keeping fingers crossed on that one.

I've also come to realize that I never actually relocated all of my writing here, and with Luna having gone down (they are raising money now to get their own server), I literally have nothing up online besides what is posted here. So, this weekend if time allows, and on the next few days I'm going to line up which stories I actively want posted (and possibly continued) and start posting them. I am currently doing Color Rush which I plan on posting a chapter ever Friday and Monday until I catch up with it. The others I will do one at a time as well. What I mean by this is, I'm going to pick one story and once a day upload a chapter until I reach where I stopped, or it is finished. This does not include Monday and Friday since those are days I have set aside for Color Rush exclusively. Hope that made sense!

.THE NAME. Rei here, and I've officially decided to go back to that name since well... I don't know, Nico didn't pan out like I thought it would. I thought having a new handle to go by would be a nice "fresh" start for me, but in the end I just decided to kinda go back to my old ways. As of right now, my username here is still Nico, but I'll probably get it changed in the near future. (I say that, but it'll probably be like this for another year).

.THE GAMER. I play everything, and by everything I mean, PS3, PS4, Wii, Wii U, Steam, PC games, and every Gameboy handheld known to man. I have a 3DS and own pretty much every pokemon game ever crafted. If you can't tell from the picture to the left, my favorite pokemon is Flareon, I don't care what people say about its move-sets. I usually go by the online handle of Kiwi in most games, or TinyKiwi if the other is taken.

.THE WRITER. I've been writing since late 1999 or early 2000. I've always had a passion or writing but never knew what fanfiction was despite writing it in notebooks when I was younger. I never shared any of my ideas with anyone until I found and joined several role-playing guilds on Neopets. It was here I was introduced to the site Quizilla in early 2005. After Quizilla was taken over by Vaicom, I spread my wings and moved to other avenues. I found a random e-fiction site which was closed only a month after I joined and then I found FOS and Luna.

Quizilla, though a black dot on my memory now, will always hold a special place in my heart for being the place I met my future best friend ever. In 2005 I got a message from someone commenting on my stories. We moved from Quizilla to instant messanger and formed a friendship that has spanned nearly 12 years and have met twice offline. Here's to you, my beloved Waifu. You are the best.~

Upcoming | Planning | Finished

Color Rush Chapter 16
Only Fools Fall in Love Chapter 2
That's What She Said Chapter 15
Remember Chapter 2
Yes or No? - Tony Stark x Reader
L3 - Original Story
Beauty is Blind, the Beast is Scarred - Roy Mustang x Reader {Post FMA:B}
Envy: A Dish Best Served Hot - Dante x OC One-shot Smut
Little Black Bowtie - Dante x OC One-shot Smut
Devils are Overrated - Dante x Reader

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