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Wow~ Congratulations on finding my profile!
My name is Aislin Sekhem wife of Erwin Smith, a Priestess of Sekhmet.
I'm invisible most of the time and only "the gifted" ones usually see me.~
Now I must ask you.
Would you help me save the world?
Your adventure would begin by clicking on one of the 'stories'.
If you encountered a problem or need mana, you may click on 'contact author'.
There was also this thing that modern people use known as skype; look for 'meixiuuu' and she will help you!
Have a safe journey!~

A few reminders when talking to Aislin:

● You must not mention her height. Her husband Erwin will kill you.
● You must not question her insanity.
● Seriously you must not mention her and Levi's height. Erwin will fucking kill you.
● Never tell Erwin that she's also married to Doflamingo and Crocodile. What affair?
● You don't have to ask to visit her blog; prepare to read something weird.
You'll never have a decent conversation with her; she's a pervert.
● If you talk about OTP; she only ship Dofuwani. She's involved to threesome with them.

“Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go.” - E.L Doctorow

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