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So I had a big long profile here that talked about what stories I had and what I planned to do...but I wasn't at all keeping up with it, and what good is telling you all what stories I'm working on when you can just go find the page?


So I'm breaking this down a bit so it looks prettier XD And there's no nonsense stuff. Hooray!

...though now I dunno what to put here :/ What does one put in a profile? I HAVE NO IDEAAAA. I'll just talk a bit about myself and my stories...? SURE.

Well my stories of main focus are as follows:

Give Your Heart a Break -- Doug -- Rune Factory 4
Paradise Lost -- Ichigo -- Bleach
Subliminal Self -- Shuuhei -- Bleach
Light My Fires -- Roy -- Fire Emblem 6
My Heart's Keeper -- Sora -- Kingdom Hearts
Love at First Sight -- Matt -- Digimon

These are the stories I plan to finish. Yes I know updates are slow but I promise as long as I am alive I will FINISH THESE STORIES!!! It's sad though, because I work so hard...I don't want to see them go :(

Doug, Sora and Roy are the most likely to finish first. Specifically Sora. I plan on buckling down and writing a bunch for him just so I can get him out of the way (that sounds so sad lol) so I can write for my other ones... Mostly my Bleach stories as I know those will take a fantastical amount of time. Especially Ichigo since I plan to essentially go through the whole series DX

Minus the filler arcs of course. Hallelujah!

That being said, these are the stories that will be all. I know I have/had other stories over at Freedom of Speech, but those...were really bad and had like 2 fans. So they aren't going anywhere lol So these are my focus. Of course I'll be spitting out one-shots *cough* mini-fics *cough* every now and then as I am attacked by plot bunnies. But otherwise, these are my main focuses. If you'd like to TRY and make a request for me to do a one-shot, you can go ahead and ask. Chances are I probably won't be able to get to it, but if I am sparked by motivation with the character I can see what I can do. No harm in asking! XD

Okay well this is ending up more like a blog than a profile so I'll end there >< Thank you all for your love and support! :D

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