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About the Author : A Dreadful Girl.

Name: Dot Dreadful
Penname: Madame
Former Penname(s): Muffin-Chan, Madame Dreadful
Nicknames: Dottie, Dottie 2 Hottie*, Dame, Queenie*, Bone Mama*, Schatzi*, Madame/Madame Morte, Mastophora, Princess, Bodie, Bo*, Mocha*, Mama, Little Red*, Polka Dots*.
Birth date and Age: June 25th, 27 years old
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian
Relationship Status: Rock Ďn Roll Princess
*Titles can only be used by certain people.

Hi there. {Smiles.} My nameís Dot. Welcome to my profile.

Thereís a lot that could be said about me. Iím a pretty complex person wrapped up in the guise of simplicity. Youíd be here all day if I started rambling off about myself, so Iíll do the unthinkable and keep it short and sweet.

Iím an author. It's all I've ever wanted for my life. I work every day to hone my discipline and my craft and do the best I can to ensure I live up to the aspirations and dreams I have for myself. One day youíll find my books in print and my name on the NYT Best-selling Authors list. I will make it there. Youíll see.

Outside of that, I am a 27 year old queer with an obsession over Carpathians and Biker Outlaws. Iím a quiet video gamer, a Marvel junkie, a full-time women aficionado, a music addict, and a high-heeled Feminist Amazon. I like gore, necrophilia, and sexual cannibalism. Iím a nutcase, and currently seeking a coffinmate. The queue starts over there.

Any questions? Look me up. I bite but itís worth it.


Feeling: Busy.
Listening To: ďLittle Red Riding HoodĒ by Laura Gibson
Writing: Revising Starring Role.
Reading: ďDark MagicĒ by Christine Feehan
Playing: The FNAF Series.
Watching: Law and Order SVU.


The Best Friend : The Soul-mate.
After seven years of friendship, youíd think Iíd know how to start a dedication to my best friend, but I donít.

Describing someone like Felinaówell, even that is wrong. There is no one like Felina. I should know, I spent many years of my life looking for someone like her. Couldnít find them. Didnít find them, until I found her and realized what I was looking for. I grabbed her friendship and held on with both hands from the moment I saw her, terrified that I would lose what Iíd looked so hard to find.

Felina is beautiful, smart, hilarious, and compassionate. She rounds out the hard edges of my personality so well itís almost as if I donít have those flaws. Thereís fire in her soul and warmth in her smile, and her voice makes my heart skip a beat, still, all these years later. I am an infinitely better human being, friend, and writer just from knowing her all these years. Felina has more fire, more heart, more pride, and more intelligence in her than most people can accumulate in their lifetimes. Sheís an amazing woman. I am left speechless, at times, and overcome with the weight of knowing I am fortunate enough to call this astounding person my best friend.

You may think that Iím describing someone who means more to me than even best friend. Youíd be right. Felina is my twin, my sister, my soulmate. I have never loved anyone as much as I love you, Felina, and I would be so lost without you. I hope you never go a day without remembering that and keeping it in your heart. You are worth more than I could ever hope to give you, as your best friend, but I promise I do my best not to take you for granted, ever.

I cherish every fight, every tear, every laugh, every good morning and good night over Skype, and the sound of your voice against my heart. These years as your friend are incomparable and I look forward to keeping you ever close to my heart for the rest of my life. You are a beautiful human being, Felina, with infinite gifts and talents and you will go far in your life. You already have. You make me proud, humbled, and want to live up to the amazing standards you achieve every day of your life.

I will love you forever and one day more. Thank you for being a constant ray of sunshine in my life.


Co-owner : The Doberman.
I am Co-Owner of Ghosts of the Vanguard. I share ownership with Felina. My Staff ranking is Executive.

Call me the Doberman; itíll make understanding things a hell of a lot simpler than wondering if I spare the rod or beat the child. I got the nickname because I donít tolerate bullshit and I am incredibly strict when it comes to the rules and how theyíre enforced.

You'd be better to get your sensitive feelings the hell out of my way.

Ask the right person and I am extremely helpful and willing to go to any lengths to ensure that everyone enjoys their time on our site. Ask the wrong person and I come across the wrong way because I am unfailingly honest.

I donít do this job to make friends or to hold peopleís hands, so I donít give a damn who you ask.

While I am not the first point of contact, never hesitate to get in touch with me if you have a need to do so. I am usually always around and I will reply as promptly as I can.

You may utilize any of the links below to get in touch with me for Archive/Site related matters.


Do Not Feed the Muse.
Name: Helen Brigham
Alias: Deadly Nightshade
Occupation: Reaver for the Society / Dot's Muse
Birth date and Age: May 21st, 539 years of age
Race: Shadow Reaver (originally human)

Nationality: British
Eye Color: Light Green (originally blue)
Hair Color: Silver (originally brunette)
Hair Style/Type: Straight, partial to braids and dreadlocks
Height: 6í3 barefoot. Varies with heels.
Weight: Roughly 11 stone. For you Americans itís 163 pounds.

Marital Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian
Current Location: The Society, or Home with Dot

I have been Dot's muse since she was 12 years old. I have known her longer than any sane person ought to, at this juncture in our lives--and I would not trade her for the world.

I help inspire, push, discipline, and give her the boost she needs to work on her talent and craft. That is first and foremost why I am here, so if you are looking for my personal story you'll need to ask Dot about it herself. I pride myself in my privacy, and having my priorities in line.

I am here for Dot, as I assume you are.

Keep an eye on my girl. Knowing her for as long as I have, I can assure you, there will never be a dull moment with her behind the pen.

Dot, if you're reading this...get back to work. You know I don't tolerate slacking.


Dreadful Literature : A Dalliance.
Coming Soon:

My Protector and Savior REWRITE : Series debut TBA.
M A N I A : Series debut TBA.
Insanity by Choice : Debuting Halloween 2017.
The Fetishistís Alphabet : Series debuting TBA.
Starring Role : Final re-post debuting Summer 2016

Works in Progress:

My Protector and Savior
Status: Establishing Lore
Next Status: OC Creation
Status Update: Winter 2017

Starring Role
Status: Being edited and revised.
Next Status: Adding 12 final chapters.
Status Update: Re-post resuming February 17th, 2017.


Gender: Female
Beta-reader: Yes
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