Penname: FireyPrincess [Contact] Real name: Millinda Baldwin
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Favourite bleach couples:

toushiro x momo

ichigo x orihime

rengi x rukia

and my favorite character in Bleach Universe is grimmjow jaggerjack

My Favourite  Characters in magi are KOUEN!, kougyoku, Judal (a tsun), Morg and Aladdin!


Favorite Anime:


  • Magi

  • Karneval

  • Aikatsu!

  • Bleach

  • FREE

  • K Anime

  • D. Gray Man

  • Snow White

  • Gatchaman

  • Gate

  • Charlotte

  • Noragami

  • Tokyo Ravens

  • Dance with Devils

  • High School Star Musical

  • Guilty Crown

  • Kuroshitsuji

  • Devil Survivor 2 The Animation

  • Hamatora The Animation

  • Re: Hamatora

  • Uta no Prince Sama (all seasons)

  • Owari No Seraph

  • Uraboku

  • Black Blood Brothers

  • Vampire Knight

  • Trinity Blood

  • Diabolik Lovers


And Many more


  • Drawing

  • Painting

  • Watching Anime

  • Playing Video Games

  • Writing Fanfiction

  • Creating Brackles ect..

  • Swimming,Bodyboarding

  • ACTING! [actress in the making)

Current Projects:

Interviewing Fate ;A Uro (From Karneval) x Reader- insert love story

Fate has a cruel way to intertwine your fate with someone else who is different than you not even human but with your past still haunting you how can you move forward? Love again? Simple if you wasn't stubborn you would of noticed; he was by your side but you didn't realize it or admit it so you fought with your heart after all this wasn't supposed to happen. Uro x reader- Insert.

Chapter 2: 30% Complete

The Adventures of Emma Pendragon (Name may Change): A Kouen Ren x OC Emma Pendragon [Chapter 1 currentenly in writing but considering it's a debut, It's gonna be long

and most likely not that interesting yet but bear with me~:

The day started as normal for Emma Pendragon, a 22 year old girl living by herself in a apartment in Bradford,West Yorkshire who's hobbies are abnormal ranging from Cleaning to Swordsmanship (even though it's be banned for a decades, she still carries a bamboo sword for self-defense because of a tragedy in her childhood) but then she somehow got choose to travel to a different world (maybe a parallel world) where everything is unknown and she has her own djinn (Even though she doesn't have a clue what powers he has). She lands in a another Dungeon, Andras but she's not alone: She meets a certain red-head with a goatte and everything goes from there!

Chapter 1: about 50% Complete




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