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Hey, doll, what's the haps?
I'm [redacted], but my guild calls me Jet and those lads and lassies are decent, so that'll do.
If you have any questions and/or concerns about the site, feel free to ask me. I'll either answer them or direct you to someone who can.

[ About ]

I'm an Eastern Cherokee knit-master diva with a butt that won't quit and an addiction to ginger snaps and ginger ale. I'm attracted to odd people and yell a lot. I'm gonna go ahead and apologize in advance for all the Arishok/Jack/Vaas/Thane/random Orsimer in Skyrim/Thresh/Pantheon/Ulfric/Brynjolf/Eir Stagalkin/Benny/??? fanfiction I'm going to throw out; I'm a bad person and should feel great shame.
If it's late and you're wondering who is validating your stories at such a time, point fingers to me. It's usually my fault.

[ Idk writing I guess ]

My writings range from things people care about to things no one wanted wow why are you doing this you monster you.

[ currently working on ]
lmao this is all lies and needs to be updated

"#ridethebull" - Dragon Age: Inquisition; Adaar/The Iron Bull
"Tidal" - Dragon Age: Inquisition: Adaar/Blackwall
"Old Enough to Be" - GTA V; Reader/Michael
"Stormchaser" - Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance; Reader/Jetstream Sam

[ in hiding ; on hiatus ]

"5:3" - Mass Effect; pairing undecided (there might be none, perhaps; I'm not altogether certain)
"An Obsession in Parts" - Dragon Age 2; F!Hawke/Sebastian (in first-person, but Hawke is left undescribed)
"Athazagoraphobia" - Yu-Gi-Oh; Reader/Seto Kaiba
"literally everything else i've written what's up" - various; various pairings

[ to post ; eventual writings ]

"Of Souls and Summoners" - League of Legends; Reader/Thresh
"Might and Glory " title to be changed - League of Legends; Reader/Pantheon
"Breaking a Sweat" - Mass Effect; Reader/James Vega
A bunch of Guild Wars 2 things; wow is it embarrassing how much I dig that game
"Altogether, Completely Memorable" - Dragon Age 2; F!Hawke/Arishok
"The Burden of Duty" - Dragon Age: Origins; Loghain/Reader (yeAH WHAT COME AT ME)
"A Bushel and a Peck" - Fallout: New Vegas; F!Courier/Benny
"magnesium iron silicate hydroxide" - Deus Ex: Human Revolution; Reader/Adam Jensen
"Mages in the Marches" - Dragon Age 2; Reader/Anders
"Coma Genesis" - Devil May Cry (Classic); Reader/Dante (hu)
"Selfie Status" - Far Cry 4; Reader/Pagan Min
"modern da:i au trashbaby hella" - Dragon Age: Inquisition; various pairings

[ current knitting project ]
- [ x ] ; in similar colors

We'll bang, okay?

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